About the Château: History and Things to do in the Area

The Loire Valley is as French as France gets. Famous for its natural beauty, magnificent châteaux and picturesque towns, the Loire Valley is rich in history and culture. Sample the atmosphere, taste the produce of the local markets, and visit historical medieval towns, museums and take time to meander, shop and watch the world go by from the open air cafés and restaurants.

The Château de Ranton dates from the 14th century. The main towers and ramparts were built in 1340 at the beginning of the Hundred Years War between England and France. The ramparts are surrounded by a dry moat and enclose the inner courtyard gardens and the main buildings which are from the early 17th century in the Italian Renaissance style.


A Historical site in a Historical Area


The village of Ranton is just a 30-minute drive from Chinon and 45 minutes from Saumur. It is a small village of 200 inhabitants, very typical of those in the area, consisting of a cluster of farms around the church and the château.

Gourmet food and wine


The region is well known for its excellent wines and good food and goats cheese. Many gourmet restaurants serve exquisite regional food at reasonable prices. Through the seasons you will find fresh melon, asparagus and many other fruit and vegetables and typical French foods in the local markets.


Ranton and its countryside provides a range of leisure activities such as cycling, walking, horse riding, golf, canoeing. All through the year, experience quality concerts in the most unexpected places, bric a brac sales and small local markets.